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Richard Jefferson Slams Carmelo Anthony for Publicly Voicing 2004 Olympics Frustration

Richard Jefferson recently slammed Carmelo Anthony for comments he made about the

Omar Guerrero

How Does Richard Jefferson Fit Into The Cavaliers Offense?

For the second straight year, the Cleveland Cavaliers have looked toward the Lone

Brad Sullivan

Cavs Rumors: Cavaliers in Constant Contact with Forward Caron Butler

In the midst of a flurry of moves and deals being made

Brad Sullivan

Cavs News: Shawn Marion to Officially Retire After 16 Seasons

Cleveland Cavaliers small forward Shawn Marion, a 16-year NBA veteran and four-time

Andrew Salmi

10 Free Agents the Cleveland Cavaliers Could Sign This Offseason

Free agency in the NBA is set to get underway on July

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Cavs Rumors: Cavaliers Veterans Reportedly Upset with David Blatt’s Use of the Bench

When you're winning, everyone is happy. When you lose, well that creates

D.J. Siddiqi

The 10 Worst Supporting Casts That Helped Win An NBA Championship

The season-ending knee injury to Kyrie Irving has made the Cleveland Cavaliers’

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Top 10 Best Looking Cleveland Cavalier Couples

Outside of hardwood floors and nylon nets, most players on the Cleveland Cavaliers

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Five Keys in Order for Cleveland Cavaliers to Beat Chicago Bulls in Round Two

After a quick, yet hard-fought sweep of the Boston Celtics in the

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Next Man Up: Why the Cavs Are Still in Great Shape to Win This Year’s NBA Finals

While news of Kevin Love's absence from the rest of the Cleveland

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