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How Cavs Nearly Drafted Joel Embiid After He Trash-Talked David Griffin During Pre-Draft Workout

Joel Embiid is the face of the Philadelphia 76ers franchise and is

Jonathan Sherman

Channing Frye Puts Philadelphia 76ers on Blast After Horrific Game 5 vs. Toronto Raptors

As a newly retired NBA player, former Cavs big man Channing Frye

Brad Sullivan

Joel Embiid Cracks Hilarious Joke About Warriors Choking 3-1 Lead to Cavs

The infamous collapse of the Golden State Warriors in the 2016 NBA

Omar Guerrero

Channing Frye Reacts to Jared Dudley Getting Ejected After Nets-76ers Brawl

While former Cleveland Cavaliers forward Channing Frye's career ended with his retirement

Brad Sullivan

Joel Embiid Says Kevin Durant, Not LeBron James, Best Player in NBA

Former Cleveland Cavaliers forward LeBron James has always been in the conversation

Brad Sullivan

Cavs Rumors: Cleveland Cavaliers Interested in Acquiring Markelle Fultz

According to Sam Amico of AmicoHoops.com, the Cleveland Cavaliers have talked to

Justin Benjamin

Video: Joel Embiid Trolls Tristan Thompson After Cavs-Sixers Game

Joel Embiid is one of the NBA's most elite trolls. After the

Abhinav Seetharaman

Why LeBron James Chose the Los Angeles Lakers Over All Other Teams

Few can admit that they were ready for the seismic upheaval that

Omar Guerrero

Joel Embiid Calls Out LeBron James for Trying to Join Lakers

The prospect of LeBron James leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers to sign a

Brad Sullivan

Joel Embiid Immediately Begins Recruitment of LeBron James Following Game 4

With the Cleveland Cavaliers watching their 2017-18 season come to an end

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