Dan Gilbert Explains Why He’s Paying $65 Million in Luxury Taxes This Season

Over the past several months, Dan Gilbert has spent a lot of money to ensure that the Cleveland Cavaliers enter the 2015-16 season with aspirations to win a championship. Prior to Friday

D.J. Siddiqi

LeBron James Says He Plans on Playing All 82 Games This Season

LeBron James plans on playing every game in the regular season. Despite the 2015-16 season being his 13th year in the league, and regardless of the fact that he's never

D.J. Siddiqi

Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Miami Heat Game Recap: Big Two Combine for 53 in 10-Point Win

(Cleveland, OH) – Using a 20-6 run during the course of the third and fourth quarters helped the Cleveland Cavaliers take control of their game against the Miami Heat and

Brad Sullivan

Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Miami Heat Game Preview: Renewing Old Acquaintances

Getting their first official taste of playing at home for the 2015-16 season, the Cleveland Cavaliers host the Miami Heat in an atmosphere that’s much more low-key than last season’s

Brad Sullivan

LeBron James: Kevin Love’s Going to Be the Focal Point for Us Offensively

Following a double-double performance by the Cleveland Cavaliers’ Kevin Love in a 106-76 drilling of the Memphis Grizzlies on Wednesday night, LeBron James indicated that Love will be the central

Brad Sullivan

Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Memphis Grizzlies Game Recap: Cavs Dismantle Grizzlies in 106-76 Victory

(Memphis, TN) – Quickly taking control to turn what was expected to be a tight game into a rout, the Cleveland Cavaliers notched their first victory of the 2015-16 season

Brad Sullivan

LeBron James: ‘All I Care About Is Raising Banners, Nothing Else’

A meeting held by Cleveland Cavaliers' players to lay the groundwork for the upcoming season took place on October 17, but wasn't disclosed until Wednesday. The cause of the meeting

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Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Chicago Bulls Game Recap: Fourth Quarter Rally Falls Short

(Chicago, IL) – Despite a near-miraculous comeback in the final 62 seconds, the Cleveland Cavaliers dropped their season opener, 97-95, to the Chicago Bulls on Tuesday night at the United

Brad Sullivan

Terry Pluto Predicts Cavs to Finish with 53 Wins and Lose in NBA Finals

With the Cleveland Cavaliers’ 2015-16 season on the cusp of beginning, one veteran Cleveland Plain Dealer columnist is projecting a 53-win season that will match last season's victory total, and

Brad Sullivan

Cavs Hope to Become Latest Team to Win Title After NBA Finals Defeat

More than half of the general managers responding to NBA.com's annual survey believe the Cleveland Cavaliers will become the fourth team in less than a decade to capture a championship

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