Report: Houston Rockets Went After Cleveland Cavaliers Center Tristan Thompson

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The Cleveland Cavaliers have yet to move big man Tristan Thompson, but that doesn’t mean there have not been suitors in the pre-deadline market.

In fact, one recent report says that the Houston Rockets pursued Thompson, but could not find a way to get a deal done.

There have been multiple rumors regarding Thompson in the past few days.

In one, it was indicated that Thompson had demanded a trade out of Cleveland. In another, it was reported that the Cavs would actually be willing to re-sign Thompson to a contract extension.

Earlier this week, the Rockets completed a trade to acquire Robert Covington and Jordan Bell.

While that does not necessarily take them out of the market for a center, especially because they parted ways with center Clint Capela as a part of that aforementioned trade, it does significantly reduce their trade chips.

With time running out before the trade deadline, the Cavs may not be able to ultimately find a workable move for Thompson.

If that comes to pass, it will be up to Thompson to continue to lead this young squad through the rebuilding process for the remainder of the season.

With Thompson’s current deal set to expire this summer, he would likely become a major free agent target for a number of teams in the upcoming offseason.

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