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Video: Dwyane Wade Explains in His Own Words Why He Chose Cavs Over All Other Teams

Dwyane Wade Cavs Interivew

On Friday, Dwyane Wade sat down with ESPN’s Rachel Nichols to discuss his recent signing with the Cleveland Cavaliers. In the interview, Wade explained exactly why he decided to join the Cavs over the other teams that were vying for his services.

Wade explained what he values when it comes to the decisions he makes in his life.

“I’m all about happiness,” Wade said. “When you have a kid like me that grew up the way that I grew up. A kid that sat across from his mother in a penitentiary, talking through a glass that you can barely hear in. A kid that watched his mother on drugs, that’s been through a divorce, that’s been through a custody case. All these things I’ve been through, all I care about in life is happiness and I would do whatever it takes to make sure that myself and my family was happy.”

Nichols then asked Wade why joining the Cavs signified happiness.

“I had to look at where I felt my game would be best,” Wade said. “I looked at this team, I looked at this roster. Being a part of a veteran team now, a team that has one goal, that’s to go the championship. That’s what I want to play for.”

Wade had been clear about his desire to play for a contender even before the Chicago Bulls granted him a contract buyout. While Wade could have joined any team in the NBA, the Cavs are one of the few teams that can truly call themselves contenders. Now that Wade is a member of the Cavs, their chances of winning another NBA title has only improved.

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