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Cavs News: Suspensions Announced for Fight Between Serge Ibaka and Marquese Chriss

A fight broke out between Marquese Chriss and Serge Ibaka during Monday

Jonathan Sherman

NBA Players Give Their Immediate Reactions to Serge Ibaka-Marquese Chriss Fight

Even though the Cleveland Cavaliers used an explosive second half to thrash

Brad Sullivan

Twitter Explodes After Serge Ibaka-Marquese Chriss Fight

Fireworks erupted at the end of the third quarter of Monday night's

Jonathan Sherman

Video: Marquese Chriss and Serge Ibaka Exchange Punches in Nasty Fight

Late in the third quarter of Monday night's game, Cleveland Cavaliers big

Jonathan Sherman

Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Toronto Raptors Game Recap: Rock Bottom

(Toronto, ON) -- Another disastrous first half was fatal to the Cleveland

Brad Sullivan

LeBron James Explains Why He Spun Ball in Serge Ibaka’s Face in Game 2

The performance of Cleveland Cavaliers forward LeBron James during the 2017 NBA

Brad Sullivan

Cleveland Cavaliers: Top Three Draft Prospects for the 2015 NBA Draft

While the Cleveland Cavaliers are gearing up for the playoffs in April,

Adam Helmer