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Cavs Rumors: Kevin Love Sees Scenario in Which He Could Be Traded

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According to a Monday night report by Joe Vardon of The Athletic, Cleveland Cavaliers All-Star Kevin Love could be just over a month away from his return to the court.

While that’s great news for both Love and his fans, what is not so great news for his fans in Cleveland is that the report also detailed how Love currently sees a way in which the Cavs could part ways with him via trade.

“Love, who is 30 and has missed at least 20 games due to injury in the last three seasons, wants to play,” Vardon wrote. “Like the rest of the team’s veterans, he was upset by the turn in direction of the franchise and spent some extended time away for the first few weeks following surgery, but wants to stay in Cleveland and has not asked for a trade. However, he sees a scenario in which he could be traded, if the Cavs wanted and were able to acquire a package of picks, younger players and tradeable contracts.”

Perhaps it’s not much of a shock, but Love seems well aware that the Cavs are in the midst of a season in which they are, to a certain degree, tanking. Part of that process often includes trying to compile as many future assets, such as draft picks or unproven youngsters, as possible. While Love is an undoubtedly important part of the organization, it is also possible that his most productive days as a player are behind him.

If a team in win-now mode were to come to the Cavs with an attractive offer, there is no doubt that general manager Koby Altman and the rest of the front office would listen. Still, considering how much Love has meant to Cleveland both as a person and a player, it stands to reason that there are quite a lot of fans who wouldn’t want to trade him away no matter what the offer.

In the end, it is simply nice to hear that Love is on the right track in terms of getting back in uniform. Whether or not he remains in a Cavs uniform long after his return remains to be seen.

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