Report: Dwyane Wade ‘Leaning Heavily’ Towards Signing With Cavs

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Ever since it was reported that Dwyane Wade and the Chicago Bulls were likely to reach a contract buyout, LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers seemed like a logical destination. Now, it appears that all of the predictions may have been right after’s Joe Vardon reported that Wade is heavily leaning towards joining the Cavs and his former teammate:

“Dwyane Wade is leaning heavily toward the Cavaliers as his new team once he clears waivers and may have already decided on a reunion with LeBron James, league sources with knowledge of Wade’s thinking told”

Vardon broke down how Wade and Bulls were able to reach a buyout and when Wade will be able to join James in Cleveland:

“Wade, 35, a 12-time All-Star and close friend to LeBron James, is expected to clear waivers Wednesday, when he is free to sign with any team,” Vardon wrote. “He accepted an approximately $16 million buyout of his $23.8 million contract from the Chicago Bulls on Sunday night.”

Vardon continued to explain that while Wade has not spoken publicly about his plans for this upcoming season, a league source told him that Wade has already made up his mind:

“But a prominent league source outside of James’ circle with knowledge of Wade’s thinking told that Wade ‘has no intention of going anywhere else,'” he wrote. “Sources close to James have long believed he would come to Cleveland in the event of a buyout.”

Finally, Vardon discussed the logistics of bringing Wade on board. The Cavs would either have to waive a player or create a trade to make space for the 12-time All-Star. Vardon also offered information into what kind of contract the Cavs are likely to offer Wade:

“Also, the Cavs would likely pay Wade the veteran’s minimum — about $2.3 million — instead of the $2.55 million left under the mid-level exception to the salary cap because of tax purposes.”

This is undeniably exciting. Though the Cavs have made a lot of smart moves this offseason, signing Wade could end up being the biggest home run of them all.

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