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Five Underrated Free Agents Cavs Should Be Targeting to Strengthen Their Bench

Shaun Livingston and Andre Iguodala

2. Rudy Gay

Rudy Gay Kings

This seems unlikely as Gay could demand a much higher paycheck than the Cavaliers would currently be able to offer, but there are clear reasons why Gay would be willing to sacrifice a large contract to join the defending Eastern Conference champs. First off, in his 11-year career, Gay has only made the playoffs once. If he were to sign, he would be virtually guaranteed a trip to at least the conference finals. Secondly, if he were to come off the bench, the wear and tear on his body would be reduced, and if he could show the ability to successfully spell James, a bigger contract in the future with the Cavs or another suitor would definitely be a possibility. Finally, if the Cavaliers follow through on the rumors of wanting to dump Iman Shumpert and/or Channing Frye, their cap room would be vastly improved, making Cleveland an even more attractive option for Gay.

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