Cavs Rumors: Ray Allen Spotted in Cleveland, Expected to Make Decision Soon

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Ray Allen’s decision on whether or not to return to play for the Cleveland Cavaliers may be coming soon, with the veteran having reportedly been seen in Cleveland on Monday, according to a tweet from Cleveland sportscaster Mike Cairns of WEWS, the city’s ABC affiliate.

Allen recently said that he would wait until after the All-Star break before making a decision to either come back or retire. A number of other teams have reportedly expressed interest in signing the 39-year-old known for his long-range shooting ability. These teams include the Atlanta Hawks, Golden State Warriors, Los Angeles Clippers and Washington Wizards.

The rumor only heightens the suspense for Cavaliers fans, who have been wondering since last August about the possibility of Allen playing another season. If he does sign with the Cavaliers, his role will be to contribute in the backcourt for brief periods and to provide a lethal three-point threat.

Last month, LeBron James visited with Allen, while he was recovering from his knee troubles. While no information was disclosed on what was discussed, it seems quite obvious that James was recruiting him for what is a hoped-for deep run in the postseason.

The Cavaliers resume their season on Friday night with a road game against the Wizards.

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