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Former Cavs Teammates React to Kevin Love Indicating He’s Unhappy via Social Media

Kevin Love and Collin Sexton

Veteran forward Kevin Love appears to be unhappy with the Cleveland Cavaliers, something that his recent social media post seemed to indicate.

On Instagram, Love posted a photo of Hollywood actor Joaquin Phoenix starring in the “Joker.” In the photograph, Phoenix’s character is forcing a smile on his face.

The five-time All-Star’s caption seems to prove that while he may be smiling on the outside, he is hurting on the inside. Recent behavior during games supports that.

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The post’s comments section was filled with messages from Love’s former teammates. Channing Frye, recently traded Jordan Clarkson and even LeBron James seemed to know exactly what Love’s post meant.

Kevin Love, Channing Frye and LeBron James

According to recent reports, Love desires to play for a team contending for a title. The Cavs are nowhere near that status. They’re currently one of the worst teams in the NBA with a woeful 10-24 record after 34 games.

The Cavaliers have improved quite a bit over the last seven games, though. They won four of those contests, with three wins coming in consecutive games.

Despite that recent success, it seems clear that Love wants out of Cleveland. His mood might be further impacted by a recent report that teams around the league are hesitant to trade for him due to his hefty contract and injury concerns.

After winning a championship in 2016, the Cavs lost Kyrie Irving in the 2017 offseason and then James in the 2018 free-agency period. It’s possible that Love’s time in Cleveland may come to an end soon as well.

Until it does, it’s likely that his mood won’t improve all that much.

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