Report: Cavs have ‘consistently registered’ interest in Ben Simmons

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The Cleveland Cavaliers are reportedly one of the teams that continue to express interest in acquiring disgruntled Philadelphia 76ers guard Ben Simmons.

NBA insider Marc Stein indicated in his Substack that the Cavaliers are in the mix, though 76ers president of basketball operations Daryl Morey appears to be asking for huge compensation in return.

“Indiana has been a legitimate suitor for Simmons, league sources say, and really should have been cited more frequently by yours truly along with the other teams (Minnesota, Toronto, San Antonio and Cleveland) that have consistently registered interest in the unhappy Sixer,” Stein wrote. “Indications persist, though, that Philadelphia has been unmoved by the Pacers’ ability to offer Malcolm Brogdon and Caris LeVert as the headliners of a trade package. No matter how unrealistic it sounds, Portland’s Damian Lillard remains the type of starry target Morey seeks.”

Exactly what the Cavaliers might be able to offer the 76ers that would gain their attention is uncertain. However, with the team still struggling to rebuild, the idea of mortgaging its future in order to acquire one player seemingly makes a great deal of sense.

Simmons has developed a solid relationship with Cavaliers guard Darius Garland and has reportedly shown interest in playing for the Cavaliers.

Of course, given the animosity between the 76ers and Simmons, it’s not likely they’re concerned about where Simmons ends up. The team’s lone concern is getting the most possible talent for a player who was the top overall pick in the 2016 NBA Draft.

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