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Report: Ben Simmons’ close relationship with Darius Garland is 1 reason why he’s open to joining Cavs

Darius Garland and Ben Simmons

The Cleveland Cavaliers may be a long shot to land disgruntled star Ben Simmons.

Even so, the 6-foot-11 guard would reportedly welcome a trade to Cleveland. According to Right Down Euclid’s Evan Dammarell, an Eastern Conference executive believes that one of the reasons why is because of Simmons’ friendship with Cavs guard Darius Garland.

“Ben is super close with Darius Garland through sharing the same agency in Klutch,” said an Eastern Conference executive. “That’s one of the driving factors in his openness to going to Cleveland. He also wants a fresh start with a team where he is clearly the best player and he would get that treatment there. More than anything, he just wants to be wanted and appreciated.”

At 25 years old, Simmons is one of the most promising players in the league. He has already been named three times to the All-Star Game and twice to the NBA All-Defensive First Team.

However, his recent playoff struggles have led people in the league to throw shots at him.

It is unclear if Cleveland can put together a deal for Simmons that would entice the Philadelphia 76ers. If the Cavs manage to get it done, they would be acquiring a player who not only could speed up the franchise’s rebuild, but also fits the timelines of the team’s other core players.

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