Jarrett Allen on how he’ll treat teammates with his $100M contract: ‘I’ll take the guys out to Chick-fil-A’

Jarrett Allen

Cleveland Cavaliers big man Jarrett Allen is no doubt excited about his lucrative new deal with the team.

However, he recently made it clear that he plans not to flaunt his newfound riches.

In fact, he joked that his gift to his teammates will be especially modest.

The 23-year-old Allen is set to make $20 million in each of the next five seasons, an amount that would certainly allow him to treat his teammates to a pricier option for food.

Allen was acquired last season in the multi-team deal that sent James Harden from the Houston Rockets to the Brooklyn Nets.

The Cavaliers are obviously looking for Allen to develop into a standout player.

Allen started 40 of the 51 games he played in for the Cavaliers last season, finishing with per-game averages of 13.2 points, 9.9 rebounds, 1.7 assists and 1.4 blocks.

If Allen does manage to elevate his game, it could help raise the Cavs from their current doldrums of three consecutive losing seasons.

For now, his teammates are likely lobbying for him to treat them to something above fast-food fare.

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