Richard Jefferson annihilates Charles Barkley for saying LeBron James always plays on ‘stacked’ teams

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Earlier this week, NBA analyst and former superstar Charles Barkley said that he would take Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant over LeBron James because James has always played on stacked teams.

However, Richard Jefferson, a former teammate of James on the Cleveland Cavaliers, clapped back at Barkley.

Richard Jefferson on Charles Barkley

While it’s true that James has had as much help as perhaps any other superstar in NBA history, basketball has always been a team game, and every superstar has needed ample help to win championships.

Interestingly, when James won the NBA championship with the Los Angeles Lakers just a year ago, he didn’t have what most would consider a stacked team around him.

He had one other legitimate superstar in Anthony Davis and a bunch of capable yet somewhat limited role players by his side.

That team was assembled much differently than the Miami Heat or Cavs teams that James won titles with since they all had two other stars or superstars.

James is hoping to win his fifth NBA title this coming season. If he succeeds, it will be with another stacked squad, as superstar guard Russell Westbrook will be teaming up with him.

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