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Richard Jefferson explains why Ricky Rubio ‘probably felt bad’ about recent LeBron James interview

Ricky Rubio’s retirement put LeBron James in a tough position when he

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2016 Cavs champ sends heart-to-heart message to Draymond Green as he’s ‘hurting’ game of basketball

Former Cleveland Cavaliers forward and current NBA analyst Richard Jefferson sent a

Peter Dewey

2016 Cavs champion brings up unflattering Kobe Bryant statistic to majorly defend LeBron James

On Friday, former Cleveland Cavaliers forward Richard Jefferson took issue with the

Jason Simpson

Richard Jefferson claps back at Chandler Parsons for supporting controversial take on Deion Sanders’ Colorado squad

Richard Jefferson used social media to clap back at former NBA teammate

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Emoni Bates chimes in on squabble between Richard Jefferson and Zach Lowe over Cavs winning Summer League

ESPN analysts Richard Jefferson and Zach Lowe recently spoke about the outlook

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Richard Jefferson clarifies what happened at Cavs’ 2016 title party after J.R. Smith drenched girl in champagne

The 2016 Cleveland Cavaliers made history by becoming the first NBA team

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Richard Jefferson and Channing Frye say Stephen Curry is nowhere near Magic Johnson: ‘He ain’t that dude’

Recently, Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry was asked if he is

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Richard Jefferson says final step for Donovan Mitchell is turning Evan Mobley into All-Star and making teammates better

Richard Jefferson believes that if Donovan Mitchell wants to take the next

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Report: Former Cavs forward likely candidate to take over Jeff Van Gundy’s spot on ESPN

Richard Jefferson is reportedly among the candidates to replace Jeff Van Gundy

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Richard Jefferson says he’s only mean to former Cavs teammates after destroying Tristan Thompson on ESPN

Richard Jefferson defended his takedown of Tristan Thompson on ESPN by saying

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