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Cavs big man Kevin Love has pointed plea for Joe Biden after securing presidency

Kevin Love

Cleveland Cavaliers forward Kevin Love offered a simple but passionate plea to President-elect Joe Biden to try to bring people together again after years of divisiveness.

Love didn’t mention Biden’s name, but it’s clear that his plea was directed at Biden, who will be replacing President Donald Trump.

Since Trump was inaugurated in January 2017, the animosity of both sides from the political aisle, as well as racial strife, have reached often dangerous levels. Judging from Love’s social media posts, it’s clear that he believes that the elevated level of anger should be directed at Trump.

One example of that came after the first presidential debate between Biden and Trump, when Love directed a pointed criticism at President Trump for his repeated interruptions of Biden and moderator Chris Wallace.

More importantly, the conflicts in general have no doubt affected the mental health of Americans across the country, something that’s become a central focus for Love.

Since admitting that he was dealing with mental health issues such as panic attacks, Love has led the push for greater awareness of mental health issues.

While Love will be focusing on playing basketball during the upcoming 2020-21 NBA season, his high profile in discussing the concept of mental health could mean that he can make more of an impact with the incoming Biden administration.

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