Kevin Love offers unique solution to escape the ‘anxiety’ of the presidential election

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Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

Cleveland Cavaliers forward Kevin Love suggests that people looking to avoid the stress and tension connected to Tuesday’s presidential election should become engrossed in a Netflix miniseries.

“The Queen’s Gambit” deals with the world of a young chess prodigy from a different era, a plot that’s something drastically different from the current havoc taking place.

In addition to the continuing coronavirus pandemic, Tuesday’s pivotal election will decide the presidency for the next four years. Talk about potential chaos or violence developing in connection with the election’s final results has heightened tensions across the United States.

That toll on people’s mental health is something that Love has become attuned to in recent years. Love’s groundbreaking article about having mental health issues has led to efforts to try to improve the problems in that area.

Those efforts have included the establishment of a foundation focused on creating greater awareness of mental health issues.

Ordinarily, Love would have little time to watch any television, considering that the 2020-21 NBA season would have started last month.

However, the aforementioned pandemic has pushed back the starting date for the season, with the official start date still unknown. When the Cavaliers get going again, Love will look to continue being a key part of the Cavaliers’ rebuilding efforts.

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