LeBron James Sends Outpouring of Birthday Messages to Kevin Love

LeBron James, Kevin Love, and J.R. Smith

Former Cleveland Cavaliers forward LeBron James took time on Monday to wish his former teammate Kevin Love a happy 32nd birthday via social media.

LeBron James and Kevin Love

LeBron James, Kevin Love and J.R. Smith

The latter photo was snapped in the immediate aftermath of the Cavaliers’ record-setting comeback in the 2016 NBA Finals against the Golden State Warriors. The sheer joy on the faces of both James and Love, along with former Cavaliers guard J.R. Smith, were emotions shared by Cavs fans everywhere.

In past years, James has also taken time to recognize Love’s birthday, with the two getting together in 2018 to celebrate Love’s 30th birthday.

Under ordinary circumstances, James would have had the opportunity to connect personally with Love on his birthday, since it typically takes place prior to the start of training camp.

However, because the delayed 2019-20 season is still going on and James’ Los Angeles Lakers are in the Western Conference semifinals, a face-to-face reunion this year is impossible.

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