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Kevin Love Calls Out Story That Claims He Missed Saturday’s Game Because He Got Drunk

Kevin Love Cleveland Cavaliers

Cleveland Cavaliers star Kevin Love took to Twitter on Saturday to call out a story published by Deadspin that claimed he missed Saturday’s game versus the Los Angeles Clippers because he was drunk.

Love missed Saturday’s game due to shoulder soreness, according to the Cavs’ injury report.

On a recent Instagram post by Love’s former teammate and former Cavs superstar LeBron James, Love trolled James by commenting that the latter was washed up. He added few more comments in a joking gesture afterwards, one of which was, “I’m drunk.”

Love’s comment was interpreted literally, and he couldn’t help but respond to the puerile allegations.

Articles like this one from Deadspin make it seem as though athletes cannot have personalities or have fun.

Every single move of an athlete is scrutinized to the maximum, often to the detriment of the player and person.

The Cavs were handily defeated in today’s game by a score of 132-108. However, the moral of the story here is do not mess with their star big man.

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