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Tristan Thompson Shares Amazing Feat He Wants to Accomplish With Cleveland Cavaliers

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Cleveland Cavaliers big man Tristan Thompson is still out with a sprained foot, but that isn’t distracting him from his longtime goals.

In a recent episode of Uninterrupted’s Road Trippin,’ Thompson spoke with former teammate Richard Jefferson and current teammate Channing Frye about what motivates him in his career.

“Basketball wise, I want to be top 10, top 20 in rebounds all-time in our league,” Thompson said. “That’s an area where it’s a good goal. At the end of the day, that’s what my niche is in the league, and that’s what made me, separate myself from others. Not just offensive rebounding wise, but this year I’ve been better at defensive rebounding. So, I’m like why not challenge myself to be in that list with the greats. Obviously with the Cavs, a great accomplishment would be leading the franchise in rebounds total. That’s what motivates me.

“It’s a real one. That get’s your name in the rafters.”

Not only does Thompson’s answer show his commitment to his craft, it also shows his commitment to the Cavs organization.

Thompson has been out of the Cavs lineup since he injured his foot in a game versus the Milwaukee Bucks on Dec. 10. When he first injured his foot, it was estimated that he would be out somewhere between two to four weeks.

While there hasn’t been any major update regarding his recovery since the injury occurred, Thompson should be back in the Cavs’ lineup within a week or two.

Before his injury, Thompson was averaging 12.0 points and 11.6 rebounds per game. If he can continue those averages upon his return, he’ll get quite a bit closer to his ultimate goal.

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