Video: LeBron’s Family Sends Him Heartfelt Congratulations on 30K Milestone

LeBron's Daughter Zhuri James

LeBron James hit a serious milestone in his life and career on Tuesday night when he reached 30,000 points for his NBA career. The entire basketball world celebrated with James, including his loving wife and children.

Shortly after James etched his name in the history books as the youngest player ever to reach 30,000 points, his wife and three children congratulated the head of their family.

“Congratulations dad on 30,000 points,” his son LeBron James Jr. said. “I’m proud of you, but you know I taught you well.”

James’ other two children Bryce and Zhuri also wished their beloved father well, but his wife Savannah had the most heartfelt message of them all.

“Congratulations my love on being the youngest NBA player to score 30,000 points in your career,” Mrs. James said in the video. “I am so proud of you, beyond proud. I know the work that yo  put in, day in and day out, to be able to work at this high level. I am so proud of you, I hope that you are also proud of this moment. It’s a huge milestone for you, and you should celebrate yourself and be very proud of yourself. We love you, and keep doing what you do because you go it.”

Tuesday night’s game was surely one that James will never forget. Sadly, despite the personal victory, he and the Cleveland Cavaliers failed to get a much-needed team victory. Still, reaching 30,000 career points is no small accomplishment. It’s great to see just how happy James’ family was for him on his big night.

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