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Video: Tyronn Lue Speaks on How Excited He Is for Return of Isaiah Thomas

Tyronn Lue Cavs Interview

Point guard Isaiah Thomas will be making his 2017-18 season debut for the Cleveland Cavaliers this Tuesday, and the celebration is in full swing in Northeast Ohio.

Many of Thomas’ teammates have already taken to social media to welcome their All-Star point guard back to the court. Cavaliers head coach Tyronn Lue also reflected on his talented player’s imminent return while speaking with reporters on Monday.

“It’s great. I mean because you know I think you’re always like, ‘Is it gonna happen, when’s it gonna happen?'” Lue said. “But now it’s finally here and like I said, just seeing how he can play with pace and getting to the paint, and his speed and quickness, and his ability to shoot the basketball. It really changes our team. Just very excited, from day one to now. It’s a good moment for us.”

Lue couldn’t have put it any better. Thomas’ return gives the Cavs another offensive weapon and gives them one more way to attack their opponents in the regular season and beyond.

The 2017 All-Star’s return will undoubtedly be slow and steady, but it’s clear that Lue is already envisioning the full potential of his roster once Thomas is ready to take on a full load. This holiday season has come with a very special present for the Cleveland faithful. Only time will tell Thomas’ return will be the gift that keeps on giving.

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