ESPN Analyst Slams Kyrie Irving for Contradicting Himself Several Times on ‘First Take’

Kyrie Irving ESPN First Take

On Monday, Kyrie Irving joined ESPN’s “First Take” to give his side of the story on this summer’s trade demand drama. While Irving likely left the studio feeling he had eloquently pled his case, ESPN analyst Will Cain thought otherwise. On Tuesday, Cain joined Stephen A. Smith, Max Kellerman, and Molly Qerim to break down the on-air discussion, and slammed Irving for his interview etiquette.

Watch Cain discuss Irving’s behavior below.

“I don’t consider my job in any sense, in fact I don’t want to slam anyone. It’s just not what I want to do. But, it’s not my job also to hope these guys like me, that I try to encourage friendship on these programs,” Cain began. “No, it’s my job to tell the truth, and the fact of the matter is, the truth of the matter is, that Kyrie Irving yesterday brought out a wheelbarrow full of B.S., took out a shovel, and threw it on this table, and expected you three to eat it up with a smile. He condescendingly looked at all of you, especially you Max, and suggested somehow he’s above questioning. “

Cain continued to criticize that fact that Irving contradicted himself throughout the interview.

“Set aside that he considers himself, apparently, some kind of philosopher king that can weave word salads around every question that you guys asked. He contradicted himself within a matter of multiple questions,” he said. “Stephen A., at one point you asked him, he said, ‘It was so hurtful that he was on his China trip and his trade request comes out,’ and you pressed and you said, ‘Hurtful, why? From who?’ And he said, ‘Who cares?’ Are you kidding me?”

Finally, Cain challenged Irving to be more honest with why he wanted to leave the Cleveland Cavaliers and no longer play alongside LeBron James.

“He knows what second banana is, Max, and that’s his motivation for leaving LeBron. The truth of the matter is he’s heard people like you call him a second banana. He’s heard people like you call him an iso player, one-dimensional, and he’s tired of it, and maybe that’s legit,” he said. “But don’t sit here and evade you, Stephen A., and condescend you, Max, about trying to understand simple questions about whether or not you wanted to get away from LeBron. State your legit, honest reasons. If you’re mad at people like Max Kellerman and your career desire is to prove them wrong then just lay it out there, be honest.”

Irving is seemingly attempting to repair his image after the disruptive and dramatic offseason. While much was gleamed from the interview, it seems Cain and the co-hosts of “First Take” were left wanting much more from the Boston Celtics point guard.

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