Video: LeBron James Surprises Goodyear Employees in Akron, Ohio

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As rumors continue to swirl regarding LeBron James‘ future with the Cleveland Cavaliers, the four-time MVP is spending his offseason giving back to the people of his hometown of Akron, Ohio.

James took to Instagram to share a video of him touring the Goodyear headquarters in Akron, captioning the video:

“Being from Akron means something and that’s because of these people – people like Big Mike whose daughter is in my I Promise program & has been with Goodyear for 10+ years, people like my father-in-law who worked in a rubber plant for decades, supporting & raising his family right here in Akron. Day in & day out they do their job and continue to raise the bar. That’s Akron. That’s Northeast Ohio & I’m damn proud to call this place home.”

Watch the video below:

“This is my first time ever touring Goodyear. Seeing the people that put in that hard work and dedication every single day to make sure that this company continues to be one of the greatest in the world, it’s very humbling, man,” James said. “When you grow up in the Midwest, man, nothing is ever given to us, everything is kind of earned and I know that it sounds like a slogan because we turned it into that but it’s really true….Shout out to Goodyear, man. Shout out to Akron, Ohio.”

It’s clear that even if James does decide to leave the Cavaliers for a different team in the future, his heart will never leave the people of Cleveland, Ohio.

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