Cavs fans have mixed reactions to team’s brand new jerseys: ‘Y’all had ONE JOB’

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The Cleveland Cavaliers recently revealed a new set of uniforms that the team will wear during the upcoming 2022-23 season.

Though the uniforms draw inspiration from different eras of Cavs basketball, they offer fresh looks as well. As one would expect, reactions from fans have varied, with some fans seeming very happy with the new looks and other fans seeming quite upset.

Some fans have had some really great things to say about the team’s new threads.

A lot of the reactions have been somewhere in the middle, with some fans having mixed thoughts about the entire slate or liking a couple of the new jerseys but not all three.

Fans with negative views on the jerseys have been far more passionate in their responses. However, given how common it is for people to troll on Twitter and other social media platforms, that shouldn’t come as much of a shock.

Clearly, the team’s fans are split when it comes to the new jerseys. The uniforms may be simpler than what fans are used to, but that is definitely the way trends are going these days.

Though some fans may be unhappy with the uniforms, they may end up quite pleased with how the Cavs perform in the upcoming season. As long as the roster can stay healthy and remain focused, the Cavs seem like a team destined to advance to the playoffs this season.

If that happens, it seems quite likely that few people will be complaining about the uniforms the players wear.

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