Tristan Thompson offers his take on where LeBron James and Kyrie Irving stand among the greatest duos ever

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Throughout the history of the NBA, there have been many superstar duos that have electrified fans all over the league.

One superstar duo that fans in Cleveland were lucky enough to root for was the one made up of LeBron James and Kyrie Irving.

In fact, former Cavs big man Tristan Thompson recently argued that James and Irving made up one of the greatest duos he’s ever seen.

“Definitely one of the two best duos I ever seen,” Thompson said. “Listen, I win a chip with somebody, they always my favorite.”

Thompson has a pretty legitimate point. Obviously, it makes sense for one of his favorite duos to be one that he won a title with.

However, there is one really important thing to note when it comes to that duo in Cleveland. The truth is that the duo that won the title in Cleveland in 2016 was arguably really a trio, as Kevin Love was also a star on the team.

Though Love is no longer the elite big that he once was, many forget that he was once one of the most impactful big men in the NBA. When he joined the Cavs in 2014, he had been named an All-Star in three of the previous four seasons. He averaged incredible numbers during his time with the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Once he joined the Cavs, his numbers definitely took a dip, and he was applauded by many for his willingness to play unselfish basketball in favor of helping the Cavs win.

So, while Thompson likely made a lot of Cavs fans happy with his words, Love’s contributions certainly can’t go overlooked.

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