Report: Koby Altman believes prospect talent level falls after Evan Mobley and Jalen Green

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Cleveland Cavaliers general manager Koby Altman is not likely to trade down in the 2021 NBA Draft since he reportedly sees a huge drop-off in the talent after the Cavaliers’ third overall pick.

Chris Fedor of conducted a mock draft for Thursday’s draft and indicated that Altman believes that any prospect chosen after the third pick lacks the quality of either Jalen Green or Evan Mobley.

“Sources say general manager Koby Altman currently sees too much of a gap between Mobley/Green and the other prospects, which means it’s unlikely he would willingly drop down a few spots and choose from a lesser pool of prospects,” Fedor wrote.

The Detroit Pistons have the top pick and are virtually certain to choose Oklahoma State University guard Cade Cunningham. In the second spot, Houston will presumably select either Green or Mobley, with the Cavs likely picking the player not chosen.

Altman has received countless calls from other teams asking about the Cavaliers’ top pick, but whatever offers he’s been given haven’t served as much of an enticement to make a deal.

The Cavaliers are again making another high draft pick, with the hope being that whoever ends up being selected by them can help jumpstart what’s been a stagnant rebuilding process.

Altman is under heavy pressure to connect with that third overall choice, since his job status has reportedly been in question in recent months.

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