Report: Cavs are interested in acquiring extra draft picks

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David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

After languishing at the bottom of the standings in the past three seasons, the Cleveland Cavaliers have another chance to turn things around in the coming NBA draft.

The team already holds the No. 3 draft pick. But it is reportedly looking to add more picks in what is considered by many as one of the deepest draft classes in recent years.

“Would a Collin Sexton trade change anything here for the Cleveland Cavaliers?” wrote Zach Harper of The Athletic. “We’ve got some trade rumors ahead of Sexton’s contract extension negotiations. Until Kevin Love’s deal is off the books (or on someone else’s books), committing big money to Sexton, especially after the way he played last year, might not be the way they want to pack their payroll. If they can grab extra picks in the process, league sources say that’s something the Cavs are interested in doing. Maybe that means Sexton to the [New York] Knicks for their picks at No. 19 and No. 21 with some kind of framework happening there?”

Sexton has been the Cavs’ best scorer the past two seasons. Also, he might be their most valuable trade piece, aside from their draft picks. For Cleveland to acquire more draft assets, the organization would likely have to part ways with its young star.

The front office’s roster decisions in the next few months are going to be crucial as the franchise continues its rebuild.

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