Kevin Love opens up about valuable lessons he learned during ‘complete s–t’ year

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Cleveland Cavaliers forward Kevin Love acknowledged the dawn of a new year with a biting comment that noted the pain of 2020.


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Most of 2020 was a continuing nightmare due to the coronavirus pandemic that’s left death and pain in its wake.

Love’s professional career was impacted by it last March, when the NBA shut down because of the pandemic and didn’t resume play until late July. The Cavaliers were one of the teams not invited to resume their seasons, adding to Love’s frustration.

Yet, over the past few years, Love has become more open about dealing with mental health issues after having battled issues like panic attacks and anxiety.

That deeper focus has allowed him to look at the bigger picture and offer hope for the future for not only himself and his loved ones, but also the world at large.

Unfortunately, Love’s continuing battle to stay physically healthy suffered another setback earlier this week when a calf injury sidelined the veteran.

That injury will likely keep Love off the court for much of January, but it seems that he’s fully equipped to handle the mental challenges ahead of not being able to play.

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