Video: J.R. Smith Says He Beat White Kid’s A– After Getting His Car Window Broken

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As the country continues to experience political unrest due to the senseless killing of George Floyd, J.R. Smith warned the public that a video might surface about his recent violent reaction toward a white male.

Smith wanted to clear the air about what went on in his neighborhood before someone shared a video on social media of him beating up another person.

“I just want y’all to know right now before you all see this s— somewhere else,” Smith said on one of his Instagram stories. “One of these little m—–f—— white boys didn’t know where he was going and broke my f—— window in my truck.”

The former Cleveland Cavaliers guard added that the area was residential and did not have any commercial buildings around. He also explained what he did to the offender who broke his vehicle’s window.

“I chased him down and whooped his a–,” Smith continued. “So if the footage come out and y’all see it, I chased him down and whooped his a–. He broke my window. This ain’t no hate crime.”

Smith continued to express his displeasure in the video as he wanted to make it very clear to his followers why he reacted violently toward another person. It remains to be seen how the other person responds to his altercation with Smith.

The 6-foot-6 guard last played for the Cavs during the 2018-19 season when he played in 11 games. He won his first and only championship in 2016 when Cleveland defeated the Golden State Warriors in the Finals that year.

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