Report: Cavs Plan to Shuffle Positions Internally in Wake of Brock Aller Joining Knicks

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A new report indicates that the recent departure of Cleveland Cavaliers capologist Brock Aller to the New York Knicks will result in the Cavs simply shifting current members of the organization into new roles.

Chris Fedor of answered questions pertaining to the Cavs and responded to a query regarding how the Cavaliers are addressing the filling of Aller’s important role.

Despite the loss of a valuable front office component like Aller, the Cavaliers feel that the organizational depth they have won’t require an outside search to replace him.

“While losing him is a blow given the amount of responsibility he had, essentially serving as Altman’s right-hand man, the Cavs are comfortable with their internal options when the Aller move to New York eventually becomes official,” Fedor wrote. “I’m told the plan is to stay inside the organization, reshuffle responsibility and give one or two executives a bigger role. The person who steps in for Aller, whether it be Jon Nichols or Jason Hillman or someone else, won’t have the same experience. So, it could be a choppy initial transition, but the Cavs have been through these departures before.”

Aller had been with the Cavaliers since the 2013-14 season and has worked for Cavs owner Dan Gilbert for more than a decade.

During that time, Aller’s importance to the Cavaliers organization had grown, especially in the capologist role. Aller maintained a roster that was able to compete in four consecutive finals and capture the 2016 NBA title.

With the Cavaliers currently in major rebuilding mode, the prospect of some more major roster changes over the summer exists, primarily because nine-year veteran Tristan Thompson is entering free agency.

Aller is joining a Knicks organization that has floundered since 2013, with no postseason appearances and two seasons of less than 20 wins. Prior to the NBA’s suspension of play, they held a 21-45 mark.

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