Larry Nance Jr. Says NBA Wants to Resume Season in June

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Cleveland Cavaliers big man Larry Nance Jr. recently faced off against Spanish footballer Marco Asensio to play a game of FIFA 20 as part of Bleacher Report’s Battle for the Belt.

During the game, the two pro athletes spoke about how they miss their respective sports. It was then that Asensio expressed his beliefs on when soccer would return to Europe.

“I think in June, July,” he said.

Nance then offered his opinion that the NBA is operating on a similar timetable.

“Yeah, I think they want to start the NBA season back in June,” he said. “Not going to lie, I hope so. I’m bored man.”

Nance is far from the only NBA player to express his boredom during the pause that the NBA season has been forced to go on due to the novel coronavirus.

Interestingly, if the season had gone ahead as planned, Nance wouldn’t be playing any NBA basketball right now anyway.

The playoffs were initially scheduled to start up late last month, and with the Cavs at the very bottom of the Eastern Conference standings, their season would have ended with the start of the playoffs.

The mystery that now exists is whether or not the NBA will try to restart the season where it left off, or start back up by immediately going into the playoffs.

People all over the world are feeling the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. Hopefully sports, and many other aspects of normal life, will return sooner rather than later.

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