Video: Drake With Hilarious Reaction to LeBron James Reaching 30K Points

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LeBron James was a the center of the basketball world on Tuesday night when he made history by becoming the youngest player in NBA history to reach 30,000 points. Social media erupted moments later as fans, athletes, and celebrities took to social media to congratulate James on his achievement.

One of those celebrities was rapper and basketball lover Drake. He posted a video to Uninterrupted to honor James, and while much of it was very genuine, the video featured a comedic twist.

“LeBron, I am honored to be a part of yet another historic night for you,” Drake began. “30,000 career points, it’s incredible, it seems like every time we look up you’re setting another milestone or breaking another record. I always tell you you’re one of the most inspirational people in my life. I’m honored to call you a brother.”

Moments later, Drake shows the camera a gift he had purchased to celebrate the night.

“We figured that because you’re at 30,000 tonight we gotta do something really special, so this is the most expensive bottle I could find,” he said right before some nifty editing made it look like he dropped the priceless bottle on the ground. “Oh, that’s a devastating loss. Congrats on 30,000, I hope you have a great night, I have to fix this.”

Surely James got a laugh out of this one. Hopefully Drake has a backup bottle for when the two get together to celebrate James’ incredible milestone.

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