Report: Officer Suspended for Filming Delonte West While Shirtless and Handcuffed

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On Monday, a video clip of former Cleveland Cavalier Delonte West went viral on social media.

The clip showed West being detained in handcuffs while being questioned about an apparent incident he was allegedly involved in.

The video was recorded by a police officer in Prince George’s County in Maryland. He was suspended on Tuesday following an investigation.

According to a police statement, officers responded to a call about a fight near the MGM National Harbor casino, which is located adjacent to the Potomac River. They found out that West and a man who he knew had gotten into an argument earlier in the day.

According to police, that man refused to press charges against West.

Another video also surfaced yesterday of a man who was believed to be West getting beaten up while lying face down on a freeway in the Washington, D.C. area.

It’s unknown if this incident had anything to do with West being detained.

West had a fairly productive eight-year NBA career as a role player, most notably with the Cavs in the late 2000s. Since leaving the NBA in 2012, he’s reportedly been homeless and dealing with mental health issues.

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