Cavs Teammates Rally Around Matthew Dellavedova’s Mission To End Australian Wildfires

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The home country of Cleveland Cavaliers veteran Matthew Dellavedova has been ravaged by wildfires.

The wildfires in Australia, which have been raging for the last several months, have been catastrophic to the continent’s forests.

Nearly 20 million acres have already burned, with hundreds of millions of animals dying as a result.

Over the last several days, Dellavedova began expressing his deep sadness over the state of his homeland.

On Tuesday, he announced his partnership with the NBA and NBPA Foundation to donate to the Australian bushfire relief efforts.

Now, several of Dellavedova’s teammates are picking up the mantle as well. Tristan Thompson and Kevin Love used their large followings on Twitter to get the word out about the relief effort.

Not only is it great to see Love and Thompson supporting their teammate, it’s also wonderful to see all three players caring so deeply about the planet we call home.

Over the past year, wildfires across the world have raged at an alarming rate. From California to Brazil and now in Australia, it is clear that something must be done to avoid these crises.

Hopefully, Dellavedova’s words and his teammates’ willingness to help encourage fans all over the world to do what they can to help the planet be a healthier and safer place to live.

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