Mike Miller’s Son Throws Down Poster on Kyrie Irving, Proceeds to Clap in His Face

Kyrie Irving and Mike Miller

It’s not every day that someone gets the best of Kyrie Irving, let alone the son of a retired NBA player.

Former Cleveland Cavaliers guard Mike Miller recently tweeted a video of his son Mavrick slamming home a vengeful, in-your-face dunk over Irving, who walked off with a smile of approval.

To rub salt into Irving’s wounds, the younger Miller also clapped in the six-time All-Star’s direction after the play.

Miller’s son vindicated himself from a previous humiliation he received at the hands of the Brooklyn Nets point guard. A video of their prior encounter two years ago was posted by the older Miller recently.

The post went viral as it showed the young man falling to the floor when the six-time All-Star crossed him up for an uncontested layup.

Cavs big man Tristan Thompson encouraged Miller’s son to let him know that he was not alone.

Based on the older Miller’s follow-up video, it looks like the inspiration worked.

Irving, Thompson and the 39-year-old Miller played together on the Cavs team that went to the NBA Finals in 2015. Despite losing 4-2 to the eventual champion Golden State Warriors, Cleveland came back the following year to get their revenge on Stephen Curry and company albeit with Miller no longer on the team.

The Cavaliers went on to take home the Larry O’Brien trophy by defeating the Warriors 4-3 in 2016.

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