Report: LeBron James Is Recruiting Kawhi Leonard to Sign With Los Angeles Lakers

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LeBron James is known around the NBA as a star who loves to try to recruit other stars to come and play with him.

Amidst all the unrest that is currently enveloping his Los Angeles Lakers, James is reportedly working to recruit fellow All-Star Kawhi Leonard to sign with the Lakers.

Stephen A. Smith discussed that on ESPN’s “First Take.”

“LeBron James has quietly been about the business of trying to get Kawhi Leonard to come to the Los Angeles Lakers instead of the Los Angeles Clippers,” Smith said. “So making a move like this, by not bringing in the coach that he wants, not securing that the coach that he wants in Los Angeles is his guy, you never know what dominoes are going to fall right now.”

Drama has always followed James throughout his career, but ever since he decided to sign with the Lakers last summer, that drama has seemingly increased exponentially.

With NBA’s free agency period nearly upon us, it will be fascinating to see how all that drama impacts both James and his team going forward.

While it would have seemed like a shock mere months ago, it now seems quite possible that not a single star ends up on the Lakers to play alongside James by the time the 2019-20 season rolls around.

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