George Hill Offers High Praise for Collin Sexton

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The Milwaukee Bucks defeated the Cleveland Cavaliers handily on Sunday night, 127-105, but that didn’t keep former Cavs guard George Hill from recognizing the progress rookie Collin Sexton has made since Hill’s departure.

Following the game, Hill remarked on his former team, and how Sexton has made a clear leap over the last several weeks.

“They’re coming together. I think the young guys are playing at a high level,” Hill said. “Collin Sexton has come into his own, doing a phenomenal job over the last six, seven games.”

It’s no secret that Sexton has shown significant progress. In fact, Sunday’s loss was the first game in his last nine that he hadn’t managed to score at least 20 points. He has become a clear offensive focal point for the Cavs and is also starting to show the ability to be a leader on and off the court.

The reason why Hill’s words of praise are so interesting is because earlier this season, it had been reported that Sexton had actually rejected Hill’s offer to help him grow as a player.

Since then, Sexton has shown an increased willingness to learn from the vets he is playing with and that could be part of the reason why he has shown such clear growth.

Now, with the end of the 2018-19 season in sight, Sexton is clearly one of the most exciting rookie players in the league.

It will be fascinating to see what kind of leaps he is able to make next season.

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