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Video: Kevin Love, Channing Frye and Cavs Make Young Fan’s Night

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Despite bringing a 13-46 record into their game on Saturday night, the Cleveland Cavaliers still hold a special place in the hearts of many of their fans. One of those fans got a special treat prior to the game courtesy of Cavaliers veterans Kevin Love and Channing Frye.

D.J. Patterson of Louisville, Ohio is currently battling a rare form of cancer and is undergoing chemotherapy. He first underwent surgery on Feb. 9, 2018, to remove a tumor in his chest, but has remained a fan of the Cavaliers throughout his struggle.

During warmups, the 6-foot-10 Love wasn’t quite able to lift Patterson high enough for him to dunk. That required the assistance of Frye, who stands an inch taller.

In addition, he slapped hands with Patterson afterward, with Cavaliers players also cheering the achievement. Patterson also got to chat with Cavs head coach Larry Drew.

One final thrill for Patterson on the night saw him stand with the Cavaliers during the team’s introductions. Each starter made sure to acknowledge him after being introduced.

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