Kevin Love Believes LeBron James Would Have No Issue Teaming With Kyrie Irving

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In recent days, rumors of a possible reunion between LeBron James and Kyrie Irving have been swirling, and now their former teammate and current Cleveland Cavaliers All-Star Kevin Love has weighed in on the situation.

Love spoke with Chris Fedor of about what he thought the likelihood was of Irving going elsewhere as a free agent this upcoming offseason. While Irving has been adamant in his desire to remain with the Boston Celtics, recent drama and apparent issues within the roster have brought that into question.

“The funny thing about Kyrie is it’s like just when you think you know what he’s thinking then he will completely flip,” Love said. “I think he likes to keep people guessing. I think that’s going to be the big question this off-season. I know he said he was coming back to Boston and he very well could, but I think the only person that knows what Kyrie is going to do is Kyrie. I don’t know if he’s made up his mind yet.

“He could change on the drop of a dime because something will come up or the mood he was in or I don’t know.”

He then discussed whether or not he believed James would be interested in teaming up with Irving again considering the fact that Irving requested a trade from the Cavs at least in part because he had grown weary of playing second fiddle to the four-time MVP.

“With Bron I think you’re not going to turn away from a generational talent and that’s what Kyrie is,” Love said. “I’m sure if Kyrie wanted to go and those guys wanted to rekindle that I don’t think either would have a problem with that. But I think the probability is…I’m not entirely sure. I mean, do any of us know?

“That’s going to make for really interesting speculation this summer, especially if he doesn’t make his decision on the first day.”

Considering the report that Love was actually with James when Irving called to apologize for his past behavior, the All-Star forward’s insight is interesting indeed.

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