J.R. Smith Gets Into Heated Twitter Debate With Stephen A. Smith

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Two people in the world of basketball who are known to speak their minds are J.R. Smith and Stephen A. Smith, and on Tuesday night, the two got into a war of words on Twitter.

The back-and-forth began when the famed sports analyst tweeted about the Cleveland Cavaliers shooting guard’s blunder at the end of Game 1 of the 2018 NBA Finals.

“It’s not just the mistake that he made,” Stephen A. Smith said on ESPN’s “First Take.” “It’s the visible reaction from LeBron [James] that you will always hold onto.”

It didn’t take long for the veteran shooting guard to get wind of the conversation.

Stephen A. Smith then seemingly tried to dampen the flames by responding.

It was then that Swish unleashed a haymaker tweet in response, letting Stephen A. Smith know that he is not to be tested when it comes to trolling.

Whatever Stephen A. Smith believes, J.R. Smith has a point.

While the Game 1 blunder will certainly be fodder for sports analysts for year to come, faithful Cleveland fans will always remember J.R. Smith parading through downtown Cleveland shirtless, celebrating the 2016 NBA championship.

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