Cavs Rumors: Cleveland Cavaliers Are ‘Open’ to Trading Kevin Love

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Now that LeBron James has officially decided to continue his NBA career with the Los Angeles Lakers, the Cleveland Cavaliers are likely weighing whether or not they want to begin the long process of a complete rebuild.

A report from just a week ago seemed to indicate that the Cavs had intended to avoid a total rebuild. However according to Jason Lloyd of the Athletic, the Cavs could certainly be considering shaking up their roster now that James is gone. Based on Lloyd’s report, that shakeup could begin with Kevin Love.

“They’re certainly no longer championship contenders,” he wrote. “Despite insistence from the organization that they are not interested in trading Love, multiple sources from around the league insist they are indeed open to moving him. It makes perfect sense to deal him now.”

Lloyd continued to explain why the Cavs would considering dealing Love.

“The Cavs’ first-round pick for next year is top 10 protected, meaning they can keep it if it falls within the top 10,” Lloyd wrote. “Otherwise, they’ll lose it to the Atlanta Hawks as compensation for the Kyle Korver deal. Moving Love and launching a full-scale rebuild would almost assure the Cavs of finishing in the top 10 of the draft.”

Without both James and Love, the 2018-19 season would likely be dramatically different than the previous four seasons. However, if the Cavs were able to nab a top draft pick in the process, it could all be worth it.

If Love does eventually get traded this offseason, he will surely get a hero’s farewell from the people of Cleveland. After all, he played an undeniable role in all of the success that the Cavs have enjoyed over the last several seasons.

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