Latest Clue Suggests LeBron James May Be Headed to Los Angeles

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With LeBron James having now officially opted out of the final year of his contract with the Cleveland Cavaliers, speculation now ramps up with regard to what team he will sign with for the 2018-19 season. That decision could be coming quicker than expected, with James having taken some interesting steps in preparation for the announcement.

James spends a good portion of the offseason in Los Angeles, where the hometown Lakers are considered to be the favorites to sign the 15-year veteran. The fact that the police in his suburban Akron community will be able to monitor the possible announcement could be seen as an ominous development. That relates to the potential of James announcing he’s leaving the Cavaliers, which could conceivably lead angry fans to try and vandalize his property.

Of course, the move could also be simply seen as a way for James to protect himself and family members from unwanted intrusions by media outlets. The fervor surrounding James’ potential free agency has been strong for much of the past year, especially in a media capital like Los Angeles. It will likely continue up until the time that James makes his decision.

The way in which the eventual announcement is made remains a question mark, with James’ first “Decision” in 2010 being announced during an hour-long special on ESPN. In 2014, an online Sports Illustrated article served as the announcement vehicle.

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