Video: LeBron James Sons Fred Van Vleet After Physical Altercation

LeBron James and Fred Van Vleet

The Cleveland Cavaliers are having their problems during the first half of their Game 1 contest against the Toronto Raptors, though LeBron James continues to be an integral aspect of the team’s offense. With 4:13 left in the second quarter, one of James’ assists nearly resulted in an on-court scuffle with Toronto’s Fred Van Vleet.

James had stolen Kyle Lowry‘s pass and quickly drove down the court, with J.R. Smith on his left flank. Smith took James’ subsequent pass and drilled a 3-pointer, but James was then on the receiving end of a foul from VanVleet. However, James wasn’t able to convert the free throw he was awarded.

The Cavaliers have chipped away at what was a double-digit deficit to trail 60-57 at the break, though plenty of time still remains in the contest.

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