NBA Players Predict Where LeBron James Will Go in 2018 Free Agency

NBA Players Predict Where LeBron James Will Go in 2018 Free Agency

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With every passing day, we edge closer and closer to LeBron Jamesfree agency. While it now appears that James re-signing with the Cleveland Cavaliers this offseason is a likely possibility, that hasn’t stopped his NBA colleagues from weighing in.

Over the weekend, ESPN released a poll asking NBA players what they thought about the potential outcomes regarding James’ future.

“When asked where will LeBron sign in the offseason, 59 percent of the players poll said he should stay exactly where he is,” ESPN’s Scoop Jackson said. “Then on where he should sign, a higher percentage, 66 to be exact, felt he should stay with The Land.”

That is undoubtedly good news for Cavs fans everywhere. Just a few weeks ago it seemed James’ days with the Cavs were most definitely numbered. After a series of jaw-dropping pre-trade deadline moves, however, Cleveland once again seems to be a very attractive option for the four-time MVP.

One not so great revelation from the players poll came from a more hypothetical question. When ESPN asked players what the reason behind a potential James’ departure would be, the two most recorded answers were things that will likely not change anytime soon.

“When asked if LeBron does leave Cleveland, what they felt would be his main reason,” Jackson said. “29 percent said Cavs owner Dan Gilbert would be the reason and 27 percent claimed it would be because the Cavs’ current roster was too weak to beat the Warriors.”

It’s impossible to predict what James will ultimately decide to do this offseason, but it seems clear that much of the NBA world feels he should remain in the Wine and Gold. If they continue playing the way they were before the All-Star break, it seems like he’ll have a hard time finding a better destination than home sweet home.

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