5 Defensive Stoppers Cavs Should Look to Target Before Trade Deadline

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2. Marc Gasol

Marc Gasol and Tristan Thompson

With the Memphis Grizzlies currently limping to a 13-27 record, it may be time for them to part ways with longtime star big man Marc Gasol. The Spanish national has been considered one of the top defensive big men in the NBA and even won NBA Defensive Player of the Year back in 2013. Gasol has seen a reduction in defensive production as his team has fallen apart around him, but there is little doubt that the talent is still there.

Gasol is an intelligent and skillful defender when he is playing his best basketball and is one of the few big men in the league who is able to defend the paint and come out and defend the perimeter if necessary.

He would also be a great fit on the other end of the court. He stretches the floor like few other 7-foot big men can with his ability to shoot mid-range jumpers and three-point shots. This would give players like James, Kevin Love, and Isaiah Thomas even more space to operate in.

Getting Gasol may seem like a dream scenario, but the Cavs would likely be able to bring him to Cleveland by parting ways with Thompson, Shumpert, and Brooklyn’s first-round pick.

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