Cavs Rumors: Cleveland Cavaliers Have Interest in Two Los Angeles Clippers Stars

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The Cleveland Cavaliers made boosting the talent on their bench a priority this offseason and it seems they may not be done just yet.

Earlier this week, Sam Amico of discussed a recent rumor that had the Cavaliers trading Isaiah Thomas and Tristan Thompson for the Los Angeles ClippersDeAndre Jordan and Lou Williams.

“Earlier this week, we discussed a rumor that would send DeAndre Jordan to the Cavaliers in exchange for Isaiah Thomas,” Bryan Kalbrosky of HoopsHype wrote. “It’s worth mentioning that in a deal like that, Cleveland big man Tristan Thompson could also head to Los Angeles in exchange for Williams.

“Williams would be a fascinating option for the Cavs because, unlike Thomas, he does not have to be the lead option to succeed.”

While Amico refuted that the Cavs have interest in making that kind of blockbuster deal, he did confirm that the Cavs are interested in both veteran players:

1. The Cavs have an interest in Jordan.

2. While not feeling desperate, the Cavs are open to moving Thompson.

3. The Cavs would have an interest in Williams, should he truly be made available.

Amico then delved into what would make Williams such an attractive target for the Cavs.

“Williams, 31, is a 6-foot-1 shooting guard and is having a career season,” he wrote. “He’s averaging 20.8 points on 44 percent shooting, all while coming off the bench in his first season with the Clippers.”

According to the HoopsHype report, there are reasons why Williams may see Cleveland as an attractive landing spot as well.

“Williams was coached by Larry Drew in 2012 on the Hawks,” Kalbrosky noted. “Drew is now the associate head coach for the Cavaliers. Cleveland’s Kyle Korver was one of his teammates on the Hawks from 2012 until 2014. Williams also played alongside Korver from 2005 until 2008 in Philadelphia.”

With the Clippers seemingly on the verge of a rebuild and the Cavs looking to bolster their roster before another playoff run, it seems possible that both teams would look to make a deal.

The NBA trade deadline is just over a month away. If rumors like this one are already bubbling up around the league, it’s sure to be a wild ride in the NBA before the trade lines close.

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