Video: Houston Rockets Troll LeBron’s ‘Arthur’ Post Hours Before Tip-Off

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LeBron James made news earlier this week when he took to Instagram to use the famous “Arthur” meme. Shortly after, speculation swirled as NBA fans and players alike tried to decipher James’ cryptic post.

While the four-time NBA MVP has since stated that there was no deeper meaning to the post, that hasn’t stopped the Houston Rockets from using it to try and get under James’ skin leading up to their game against the Cleveland Cavaliers on Thursday night.

Hours before tip-off, the Rockets’ official Twitter page posted a hype-up video for the game. In the video, they cross-cut numerous highlights of James’ recent play with scenes from the popular children’s television show.

The Rockets are currently boasting the second best record in the Western Conference and will surely pose a huge challenge for the struggling Cavaliers. The fact that the team’s official Twitter page decided to troll James just hours before the game will likely give him even more incentive to will his team to victory.

Hopefully, James and the Cavs will manage to secure their sixth victory of the season, and James will be in a much better “mood” from here on out.

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