Glaring Stat Shows Lack of Chemistry Between Dwyane Wade and Derrick Rose

Dwyane Wade Cavs

After an incredibly active summer, the Cleveland Cavaliers finally took the court in Tuesday’s season opener against the Boston Celtics. Two of the team’s most anticipated offseason acquisitions, Derrick Rose and Dwyane Wade, saw sizable playing time in the contest and while both players showed glimpses of their individual talent, the two also showed that they must improve when it comes to playing together.

The net ratings from Tuesday’s game showed that while the Cavs played above average or near average when either Wade or Rose were on the bench, the team performed dismally when the two were on the court together.

Putting those ratings in context, the team’s 18.5 net rating when Wade was on the court without Rose was elite, but when Rose and Wade played side by side, the Cavaliers’ net rating was well below last year’s lowest rating amongst all NBA teams.

Considering the fact that Rose and Wade are currently starting at the point guard and shooting guard positions respectively, the fact that they performed so dismally together is disturbing.

On paper both players had solid nights on Tuesday. Rose scored 14 points and added four rebounds and two assists. Wade scored eight points to go along with two rebounds, three assists, and two blocks. Still, the statistics behind the numbers prove that the two are nowhere near the same page when it comes to chemistry and productivity.

The season is young and the entire team still has a lot of room to grow as a unit. If the Cavaliers hope to finish the season with an NBA championship, Rose and Wade will have to work to improve these numbers and get on the same page.

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